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Before we start I must state a few things, 1 these are just my views on the movie and I do not expect all of you to agree or disagree with me, these are my thoughts written for you to read if you do not like them no one is forcing you to read them. At the same time I must obviously state that these are MY views and I would appreciate it if you did not reprint them elsewhere saying that they are yours as you do not want to have me as your enemy. Okies now that we have that covered here’s my views.

WARNING – If you have not seen the movie you may wish to wait before reading this it contains minor spoiler (nothing to major yet still you have been warned)

My main question before seeing the movie was is it better than the fellowship of lord of the rings? Having seen the movie I come out with many different views (some of which even contradict themselves)

So the answer from a movie point of view as a regular movie fan (I worked in a cinema for 2 years) I would say yes it is great entertainment and very well made with great acting, effects and screenplay.

As a lord of the rings fan I have to say no, it is not that I dislike it by any means but like many of the LOTR fans I have spoken to there are just so many extreme changes from the book. Obviously as a moviemaker you have to some artistic licence to make improve it but the question is always to be how can you improve on perfection? Add a little comedy? Legolas and Gimli that was pure comedy and a good move. Add a little romance? The Aragorn and Arwen flashbacks actually very good and much more impressive than I felt they would be. If it was just that it would have been ok even adding the elves to helms deep is almost ok, don’t get me wrong it does add to plot movie wise and it does emphasize the battle and therefore I can handle it.

What’s the problem then? In two words, Faramir and Treebeard. Why do I think this? Well lets start with Faramir (it’s always a good place to start) Little things were changed but they were too much, Faramir was made to be too much like Boromir and made him too dark, although Faramir was tempted to take the ring her never tried and never pushed Frodo to the limits that he does in the movie. As Faramir is my 2nd favourite character in the books (Éowyn’s 1st and will be mentioned later) it is one of those things that will probably not bother others as much as it does me but I feel it was just too much of a change to him, although they did redeem themselves when he said his life would be forfeit for letting them go.

Now Treebeard, the problem I have with this is nothing too much and is rather minor it is just the idea that the ents would have to be tricked into attacking Isenguard that gets me, I do however like with the elves at helms deep understand why they did it but it does make it seem too much like the ents did not care about anything but the trees, which however in some ways is true in other ways it is not and it is just a little too wrong for me. Again I have to say I do understand why they did it and it did add a little more to Merry and Pippin’s part in it, which was nice, but rather ruined Treebeard and the ents. Only one last problem again only because I am a Lord Of the Rings fan where’s Quickbeam?

Ok Ok so I am not going to make this all bad because by no means was it bad as I said it is a good movie and there were obviously a lot of great things in it too, the effects were marvellous and the battle scenes superb.

Gollum well what can be said about Gollum was done marvellously with the depth of character shown. It is always a fear with characters that are completely CGI that they will worry more about the effects and be so impressive with the effects that they will completely forget to add the depth of character. The Two Towers I have to say does not do this. It shows so much of his character and shows just how tortured he really is and how the ring affected him, and in doing so also makes you feel sorry for him, as Frodo said, “Now that I see him I do pity him”. Yes maybe he does deserve death but when you watch him could you ever imagine Frodo or Sam killing him? Or would you even want them too? You do start to feel for him and I think that is just great work by Peter Jackson and the gang.

Some changes I have to give massive credit to. Main one being Theoden, the touch of actually having Gandalf force Saruman out of Theoden was very clever and does fix one of the few faults I had with the book. In other words why was it Theoden went from being an old weak man to suddenly saying give me my sword etc. Could Wormtongue’s words really do such a thing? Not in the same way as Saruman almost possessing him could and this is why I was impressed with the changes. Artistic licence can be great.

Onto my favourite character which is of course Éowyn, wonderfully done I could not fault it, wonderfully portrayed and sets her up nicely for the Return Of The King, looking in advance I am wondering if maybe just maybe they are looking in the wrong direction for the OSCARS next year, they keep saying about the supporting actors with 6 being put forward for this years awards by PJ and the gang (sounds like a new pop group doesn’t it?). Something tells me if they do not get it this year (Viggo if no one else at least deserves a nomination) they will not get it next year either. However I also feel Miranda Otto could well creep in and steal best supporting actress next year, ok so I am well ahead of myself and have not seen ROTK yet, well I have to wait a whole year for it but hey if I’m right remember who said it first.

My overall view of the movie having only seen it once so has to be split in consideration as to who will be watching it. If you are a movie fan it is a masterpiece and you will love it, it has everything you could have asked for. If you are a Lord Of The Rings fan and are expecting it to be as close to the book as the first one was, then I am afraid you will be disappointed, by no means will you hate it but it will not necessarily be as you expected, it will take some getting used to, though I do not feel it will take too long. At the end of the day there are always things that we would like changed about things and those things we cannot change. We can however learn to love them, this is not going to be an instant love as the fellowship was, more of a growing love much like most friends and loved ones etc, there are some faults but we learn to accept them and grow to love them.

One last thing, if you do not think this is a very good review or description, would you like me to find you a box?

This review is © éowyn – The White Lady Of Rohan – The Fellowship Of Lord Of The Rings